Drive Into Summer | How to Get the Most Out of Your Summer Brake(s)

Jul 20, 2015 1 min read

Did you know that summer temperatures can exacerbate the normal wear and tear on car brakes? While monitoring your brakes is a year-round job, it is especially important to pay particular attention to your brakes in the summer. Review your owner manual for how often and how to service your brakes.

  1. Pay attention to pulsating sensations, noise, and difficulty stopping. Additional signs that your brakes need be serviced include: changes in your brake pedal’s resistance; warning lights on your dashboard; and grating sounds coming from your brakes. Brakes need to be replaced when the lining on your brake pad or brake shoe wears past the minimum thickness specified by your car’s manufacturer or by state law.
  2. Be mindful of wet brakes. Wet brakes often affects your brakes’ responsiveness. Driving through summer thunderstorms and pulling out of boat launches, for example, can be tricky to maneuver and should be done carefully.
  3. Address minor brake problems promptly. Diligently maintaining your brakes will help to prevent larger, more expensive repairs later on. Servicing your car early in the summer will ensure continued vehicle safety for you, your family, and your summer renters.

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– Getaround Fleet Team