Weekly Update: Jan 4

Happy holidays everyone!  We’re celebrating the new year here at getaround with a massive bug-fix update.  In the last two weeks, when we weren’t celebrating the holidays with our respective families, we have fixed over 20 bugs, and added a major new feature: public profiles!

Now you can send your personalized getaround page to your friends and insist that they rent your car.  We’ll soon be printing up some decals that you can stick on your car as well, so people admiring your ride as you drive by can ogle at it online :).  For example, here’s my car.

Furthermore, we’ve changed the way the way new owners sign up.  As you may or may not know, in order to rent out your car you need to give us some details about your car that you may not know offhand so that we can cover it under our insurance policy when it’s out on rentals.  These details used to be required in order to list your car in the system — but now, we’ll just ask the owner prior to approving a rental;  so if you haven’t gotten around to listing your car just yet because you didn’t know your cars VIN number go ahead and do it now.

Finally, thanks to everyone who voted in the mashable awards last month;  we won’t hear back for a little while, but already know we did quite well!

Theres more:

  1. Improved realtime driver record checks, so fewer people have to be manually confirmed.
  2. Fixed some typos and formatting issues with a few of our emails
  3. Fixed a number of unlikely error conditions
  4. Added the new Facebook ‘like’ button to our sitemap — follow us on facebook if you haven’t already
  5. Improved search
  6. Tweaked our homepage design
  7. Improved our internal operations tools.  We get an email every time something goes wrong, and will reach out to you!