Weekly Update: Jan 25

Since our big traffic spike, we’ve been hard at work handling support requests, fixing up internal tools, and figuring out ways of getting even more traffic. This week we are unveiling our coupon system, which lets us send you, our users, discounts on getaround rentals.

Additionally, we’ve added a message to the action of declining rentals — if you’re going to turn someone down, you’re asked to explain yourself to the poor person who wanted to use your car. This was requested by car owners who were unable to rent out their car for the specific period of time requested, but were quite available at a slightly different time.

And more:

  • New “default search location” feature on the search page: allows you to set your default location when going to Find Cars.
  • Fixed a bug with declining rentals on the owner dashboard
  • Fixed a number of bugs with the rental process
  • Our internal tools broke with the influx of users we’ve had in the last few weeks.  We should be ok for the next couple of days at least.