Weekly Update: Dec 18

Dec 18, 2010 1 min read

Getaround has a new version of our website out.  In the last week, we’ve fixed 10 different bugs, improved the user experience on several different pages, and added 5 new features.

Here’s a few exciting changes we’ve made:

  1. Users signing up within the Bay Area or San Diego are automatically approved into the site;  our public beta has begun!
  2. We now insist that getaround renters confirm that they can drive manual transmission before searching for cars;  this will keep people from accidentally renting cars they can’t drive.
  3. We’re now tracking usage patterns through MixPanel Analytics; this is in addition to Google Analytics, and provides more detailed analytics when it comes to events that occur without going to another page, along with better funnel tools.
  4. We now send an email to the other party with the contents of any messages you leave during the rental.  We plan on eventually adding SMS as well, but this makes sending messages much much more useful than they were before.
  5. Quite a few bug fixes, mostly centered around authentication and the signup process.  Getaround.com is more stable today than ever before.

This is the first in a weekly (hopefully, save holidays) update post from the technical team here at Getaround;  we’ll focus on the changes we’ve made each week, and every once in a while comment on the technical problems we are facing from week to week.  stay tuned, and subscribe to the feed to stay up to date on the latest getaround news!

— Elliot Kroo (Director of Engineering and Co-founder at Getaround)