Top tips from our hosts

Nov 15, 2023 3 min read

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give other hosts on Getaround looking to grow their business?

This is precisely what we asked our Host Ambassador Council (otherwise known as our HAC). These hosts, having successfully scaled their fleet on Getaround, were happy to share what they’ve learned along the way.

Be as clear and concise as possible in your car description. I split mine into sections with spacing, all caps, and even emojis. I have sections that include "About the car", "Pickup & Parking", and "Expectations".

Rather than one large paragraph of text, breaking out your car description presents information to guests in the clearest way possible, giving it the best chances of being read and understood.

We suggest including an "About the car" section to share anything unique about your car make/model, where to find the key (is it a push or key start), and anything else notable about driving it. Guests will be directed to the live car location in-app, but it's helpful to provide crossroads or landmarks or general street parking tips in "Pickup & Parking". Additionally, having an "Expectations" section can be a great way to communicate with guests about how to treat the car and how to be a good guest in our Getaround community. This can include asking them to handle the car with care and keep it in good condition for the next guest.

Take great pictures of your car(s)! Seems obvious, but I didn't realize why one of my cars with a similar model and condition wasn't getting booked as much as my other one (in the same market). It wasn't until a friend of mine saw my cars on the app and mentioned how one just "looked" better in the photos.

Photos that are taken in good lighting, at all angles, and ideally with a quality camera can make a world of a difference when a guest is scrolling through many options and instinctively searching for one that "looks" best. We've even seen scenery make a big difference, so catch the eye of your guests by providing quality photos!

Automate as much as possible, especially if you want to scale. For example, I have an app that sends personalized text messages to the guests about important car information before their trip. I have a set route and timeline for checking on my cars every night, and I even have a standing mechanic appointment each month that I've been able to get discounted after building a relationship with him.

Create automation and habits around running your business — everything from checking on your cars to communication with guests will alleviate a lot of the ad-hoc time that is spent on addressing reservations one by one. Having built-in systems and routine for anything that can be automated also frees up mental space, giving you time and energy for other things, related to your business or not.

Make local friends who are also hosts or invite friends to host on the platform. I referred my best friend to join as a host, and now she's a huge help when I take vacation and just need a helping hand. And I do the same in return.

Befriending and expanding your local network of Getaround hosts can be a great way to give and receive support from others who are doing something similar. Being connected to other hosts is great for sharing information on market utilization, helping each other out, and even improves market performance. We've seen the more cars there are in a market (especially when well-rated) actually fosters greater demand due to guest perception around choice and marketshare quality.

View it as a business, and don't get emotionally attached to your cars. At the end of the day, I expect that things can and will happen to my cars.

More than a few hosts echoed this piece of advice. Part of running your own business comes with understanding the associated cost and risks as well. Rather than buying cars out of personal preference, we've seen many hosts buy cars that they know will perform well on the platform. Want to learn more about this? Reach out to your account manager for advice.

Have other host hacks or tips you've learned along your own Getaround journey? Submit it here, and it will be shared internally with Getaround and may be included in a future content piece.