Carsharing is a relatively simple concept: you’ve got a car, someone else needs a car, and everyone wins. But when it comes to the actual management of your shared car, things get a little more involved. How can you make sure your car is parked safely and securely, or that it stays clean and tidy? How can you make sure your calendar doesn’t devolve into absolute anarchy? Luckily, there are apps, startups, products and handy little inventions that make sharing your car (or fleet of cars) so much easier.


Similar to what Getaround does for cars, this app does for parking spaces. They pair up people who have spaces with people who need them. This is a great tool to make extra money while your car is out, or a great resource to offer any potential customers.


Gone are the days of taking your car to the car wash. RideKleen is an app-based service that brings the car wash to your car. It’s especially handy to know that your car will always be in the spot your customers expect it to be, even when it’s getting spiffed up to roll around town.

Filld & Booster

Again, remember when you had to take your car to a place to fill up with gas? Crazy, right? I think they were called gas stations, or something like that. Anyway, they’re history thanks to Filld and Booster, two gas delivery companies. So, while your car is waiting for its next driver, you can make sure it’s always fueled up and ready to drive. All without having to actually walk outside and go tend to it.

If you’re serious about carsharing your vehicle, you most likely already have it listed on Getaround as well as other carsharing platforms. (We get it. Sometimes the corner store doesn’t have our preferred sparkling water brand, so we all make sacrifices sometimes.) Car sync is a great tool to make sure once your car is listed, reserved or available, it’s synced across all the other apps.


If you’re really, really serious about not just carsharing your vehicle, but carsharing a fleet of vehicles, Fleetio is an absolute must. It offers almost every tool you’d ever need to effectively manage a fleet of vehicles. It also allows you to track, inspect, and stay on top of all kinds of maintenance issues for every one of your vehicles from your phone.

Solar Trickle Chargers

Because the ping your car is sending and receiving while communicating with its next driver takes a bit of energy, we recommend these inexpensive products to help keep your battery fully charged at all times. It provides a good, clean source of energy and gives you peace of mind, and there are many affordable options on Amazon.

Calendar reminders  

Finally, there’s the everyday reminders that we all need when we’ve got an added responsibility. Whether it’s taking the dog to the vet, or packing a healthy lunch, or remembering to put two matching shoes on before leaving the house, we could all use a little help from our calendars. We recommend setting reminders for things like scheduled maintenance, inspections, even weekly street cleaning rules like alternate side of the street parking. A lot of cities also have apps that tell you any info you’ll need to know as a car owner.

Because you’re not just a car owner, you’re a carsharer. Which is really so much nicer. For the environment. For your neighbors. For absolute strangers. So we hope this little list helps. And happy carsharing!