It’s no secret that we have some lifelong Top Gear fans at Getaround HQ.  In anticipation of the new season of Top Gear, we’ve pulled together five of our favorite episodes from the Hammond, May and Clarkson years.  While some may call Top Gear the “most widely watched factual television programme,” we just call it great telly.

Rolling a Reliant Robin (Series 15, Episode 1)

What happens when Jeremy Clarkson takes a little three-wheeled car for a test drive? The title of the episode says it all.

Trying to Kill a Toyota Hilux (Series 10, Episode 1)

Nicknamed “The Indestructible Truck,” see the Toyota Hilux more than live up to its name.

Richard Hammond Does NASCAR (Series 18, Episode 2)

Richard Hammond takes a lap on the Texas Motor Speedway and discovers his inner American along the way.

Crossing the Channel in Car Boats (Series 10, Episode 2)

The team is challenged to build an amphibious vehicle, again. The test? “Drive” to France across the English Channel.

Polar Special

The trio race to the Magnetic North Pole. May and Clarkson travel by car, while Hammond opts for a dog sled.  

What’s your favorite Top Gear moment?

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