Our goal at Getaround has always been to make sharing a car on Getaround a safe and seamless experience.

A big part of making this goal a reality is our connected car technology, the Getaround Connect®—built in-house by the Getaround Team and specifically designed to create a seamless and safe peer-to-peer carsharing experience.

In addition to allowing renters easily lock and unlock Getaround cars right from their phone—car owners can opt to turn on the Enhanced Security feature which uses the Getaround Connect® to disable the car’s ignition switch between rentals.

At the start of each Getaround reservation, the installed Getaround Connect® device will automatically enable the car’s ignition switch for the renter. The ignition will remain enabled throughout the reservation period and will be automatically disabled when the active rental period ends.

As an owner—when Enhanced Security is on and you want to drive your car, simply unlock your car using the Getaround Connect® Key on the Getaround App to enable your car’s starter.

When you’re done driving and are ready to make it available for the next Getaround reservation, simply lock the car with your phone to re-activate Enhanced Security features and disable the car’s ignition.

Want to activate Enhanced Security on your Getaround car?
Visit our Helpdesk for all the details.