We’ve heard from Getaround users that dealing with toll payments can be frustrating. Today we’re excited to roll out Getaround Autotoll™ – a new feature that will automatically bill renters directly for the tolls that occur during a trip. This is a huge step towards simplifying sharing cars on Getaround.

I share my car,  how does it work:

  • We register your car’s license plate information with Getaround Autotoll™.
  • Both owners and renters can now use all Bay Area FasTrak lanes. When a Getaround car crosses through the toll plaza, a photo of the car’s license plate will be used to assign billing to Getaround.
  • Getaround will use the time stamp for each toll crossing to identify if the toll occurred during a Getaround trip and bill the appropriate renter. If the toll crossing did not occur during a Getaround trip, the owner will be billed.
  • As an owner, if you already have a FasTrak account and transponder in your car, just follow these quick steps to disassociated your license plate from your FasTrak account and ensure all billing is directed to Getaround.

I rent cars on Getaround,  how does it work:

  • All Getaround cars are set up with automatic tolling. This means you are free to use the FasTrak lane on all Bay Area bridges during your trip. When you pass through a FasTrak lane in a Getaround car, the toll will automatically be registered and paid based on the car’s license plate.
  • If you cross a Bay Area bridge during your trip using the FasTrak lane – our team will automatically charge the toll to your credit card within a few weeks of your trip.

What does it cost?

  • Renters will be billed the cost of the toll plus a $1.50 service fee for each toll invoiced during their trip.
  • Owners will be billed to cost of the toll plus a $0.50 service fee for each toll invoiced outside of a Getaround trip.

If you have any questions about Getaround Autotoll™ or need any help removing your license plate information from your FasTrak account, please contact help@getaround.com