Sharing explodes at SXSW (VIDEO)

Mar 21, 2012 1 min read

Sharing, you say? Hardly a new concept for the SXSW crowd. Since its inception, Interactive attendees have been sharing ideas, tasty food and libations and—on occasion—the hard-to-find hotel bed.

This year, sharing went from mere survival skill to one of the hottest trends to watch. Leaders of the Sharing Economy were prominent across many panel discussion, including this awesome one.

Sharing also had a real physical footprint in Austin from the TaskRabbit park to the GE Skillshare area. Some of the hottest parties and gatherings were also around—you guessed it—sharing.

We met up with a few company founders and sharing experts to ask them why it’s such a hot topic. Check out some sharing in action:

After a few days in the Austin rain, it became clear that sharing is nothing new at SXSW—it’s an integral part of the conference experience. We noticed more people bunking up in Airbnbs than hotels, not to mention countless FOMO-stricken session attendees hiring TaskRabbits to wait in line for them.

And let’s not forget those who rented cars from friendly Austinites.