Seven savvy reasons to share your car on Getaround

Check out our list of reasons why carsharing with Getaround is an appealing option for many car owners.

Seven savvy reasons to share your car on Getaround

What has your car done for you lately? If the answer is “taken up space in my driveway,” or “eaten into my disposable income,” your life and car routine could be so much easier with Getaround.

We’ve compiled a few reasons why carsharing with Getaround is an appealing option for many car owners.

1) Earn passive income

Most of the time, personal vehicles sit parked and unused. If that sounds like your car, consider turning that idle time into passive income through carsharing. When you list your car on Getaround, our dedicated onboarding team will help set you up to share with our verified guests and begin earning extra cash.

2) Help cover the cost of your monthly car payments

Hosts who abide by our best practices often generate more income than the amount of their monthly car payment. Imagine the financial freedom that comes with reducing or eliminating your monthly car expenses such as maintenance, insurance, gas, registration, title, and fees. You'll feel like a savvy investor generating ROI on something most people consider a sunk cost.

3) Upgrade your ride

Once your car starts earning on Getaround, you could consider upgrading to a newer ride that might have previously been outside your budget. You’ll enjoy the benefits for your own driving, and potentially generate more income on our platform: Getaround guests tend to book newer cars more often. That means even more interest, bookings, and earnings for your vehicle.

4) Enable your community

When carsharing is available, members of your community benefit from greater accessibility to cars, trucks, and vans. Your neighbors can more easily run errands, carpool, and travel freely when a Getaround car is nearby.

Depending on where you live, there could be business travelers, skiers, surfers, vacationers, or service members on deployment in your area; all folks who can make use of convenient short-term transportation options. Be a steward of your community and a good host by helping visitors explore the lovely place you call home.

5) Help save the planet

A study produced by the University of California, Berkeley found that each shared car replaces approximately 10 cars on the road. By using our transportation resources more efficiently, we can reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable community.

6) Turn your assets into income

It’s nice to have assets like cash, real estate, or even an old baseball card collection. But turning those precious assets into consistent streams of income isn’t always easy. By sharing your vehicle on Getaround, one of your largest assets can start showing some return on investment and become a consistent source of passive income.

7) Save on your insurance bill

Since every car on Getaround has our proprietary Connect® device installed, your car may qualify for significant security rebates from your insurance provider. The Connect® device enables anti-theft protections like GPS tracking and remote engine kill-switch capability, which insurance companies love to see. With Getaround, not only will you have peace of mind, you might also have a piece of your monthly insurance bill back.

It's easy to earn effortlessly when you carshare with Getaround. Click here to start sharing — and earning!