Road tripping with Getaround

Sep 7, 2023 3 min read

Read these helpful tips before you hit the road

When you think about road trips, what do you think of? An epic fall drive to enjoy the colors? Visiting iconic landmarks? Friends and family that are waiting for you along the way?

According to American Express Travel, 42% of travelers in 2022 planned to visit a landmark or heritage site, while 40% planned on visiting a national park.

As a road tripper, you may be excited to know that Getaround has your perfect adventure vehicle. Whether you’re looking for a compact ride (Fiats can park almost anywhere), a fun convertible (like a Mini Cooper) or an SUV for the family (we see you, Toyota Highlander), you’ll find whatever you are looking for, whenever you are looking for it!

Before you head out on your getaway, check out these tips that will make your road trip with Getaround fun and enjoyable.

Plan your route

There are a lot of ways to plan a road trip! Is your goal to arrive at one destination, or are you exploring along the way?

Use Google Maps to save locations on your route. And, while you are in Google Maps, make sure to check out the Guides We Love section and Explore Guides (right now we spy a lot of great travel inspiration, including Fall Road Trips in National Parks). Or, try an app like TripTik from AAA, or Roadtrippers, where you can share and collaborate with your travel pals. Travel & Leisure has a list of recommended trip apps here.

Note that if you are traveling in a Getaround car, your mileage cap is up to 200 miles/day (or 20 miles/hour up to 200 in a 24 hour period), so those guidelines can help you strategize the best use of your time on the road.

Consider a protection plan

If you’re taking your trip with Getaround, all trips are covered by insurance. When you are booking your car for a longer trip, you may want to consider our additional Plus protection and Premium Protection plans, as both include Roadside Assistance. It always helps to have extra peace of mind if you’re far from home.

Bring a phone charger for the car

Most Getaround hosts have phone chargers available for guests, but pack an extra one just in case. Have it out and ready to use so you don’t have to dig for it once you are on the road. Besides having a charger available to keep your phone juiced up, road trip tunes are very important, so you may want to have music at the ready on your device in case you find yourself in an area with spotty radio reception.

Check your fuel (or charge) level before you head out

You don’t want to be on the road when you notice your fuel levels are low! If your gauge doesn’t show you’re full, head to the gas station or EV charging charger before you hit the highway. If you are taking an EV out for a trip, make sure to note EV charging stations along your route. Apps such as PlugShare offer a look at charger locations across the country.

Stop periodically for breaks

If you plan on long travel days, it’s best to make note of gas stations and rest stops along your route. You’ll want to make sure you’ll have a safe place to pull over for a break when you need one. Make sure to bring plenty of water for everyone in order to stay hydrated. Driving for long periods of time can make you feel tired, so, if at any time you are feeling sleepy, stop when it is safe to do so and rest.

Give yourself time at the end of your trip

Thinking about the end of your adventure is hard. But, if you’ve taken your trip in a Getaround car, remember to allocate a cushion of time at the end of your trip to refuel, unpack, and clean out the car. Please leave the car as you found it (or better). Make sure you have all of your belongings before ending your trip.

Feeling inspired?

We don’t know about you, but now we’re ready to hit the open road! Where do you want to go?