Happy Arbor Day everyone! When spring is in full bloom travel plans and weekend getaways start to dominate our daydreams, and hopefully yours too. If your spring fever has got you itching to go outside and discover the wonders of nature, we can help with that!

To recognize the week of Earth and Arbor Day, we wanted to learn a little more about Getaround's environmental impact. So we crunched the numbers and here's what we found:

  • 17% of Getaround vehicles are green
  • More than 260K Getaround trips have occurred in green vehicles
  • Each Getaround shared vehicle replaces six private vehicles
  • Each Getaround shared vehicle removes 10 cars from traffic gridlock
  • Every year the amount of Tesla rides on Getaround grows by 200%
  • There are over 50 Getaround owners with an all-green car fleet
  • The city with the largest portion of green trips is Boston

At Getaround we strive to create world with fewer cars, less traffic jams, and better air quality. We believe carsharing is essential in helping people reduce their carbon footprint because it helps decrease materials used in car manufacturing, and provides people access to environmentally friendly vehicles.

Getaround employees celebrate Earth Day at the Ocean Beach cleanup event in San Francisco. Thanks to the SF Surfrider Foundation for organizing.

If you're interested in saving the world and living a little greener, do it with Getaround. Sign up to drive eco-friendly cars, or share yours today!