Reaffirming our commitment to an open marketplace

At Getaround, we want to make it easier for people to share their cars, not harder.

Reaffirming our commitment to an open marketplace

Last month, Turo announced plans to block access to third-party services, effectively ending their partnerships with CarSync and other fleet management tools. This is the latest anti-competitive measure, which we believe is detrimental to the many car owners who share their vehicles across multiple carsharing platforms.

At Getaround, we want to make it easier for you to share your cars, not harder. We live this promise each day by advancing our own products and offerings, collaborating with partners across the industry, and committing to openness within our carsharing community. We believe embracing innovation leads to better outcomes for all who carshare.

The sharing economy is built on diversity of choice

Our guests love being able to choose different cars that fit their needs, whether for a grocery run, a trip to the beach, or even moving a couch. We believe that owners deserve the same diversity of choice when carsharing, and we’re dedicated to offering it.

  • We value our industry partners. Getaround is proud to work with a range of partners offering maintenance services,  insurance coverage, dashboard cameras, vehicle financing, and more. We believe owners should have access to the best available tools in the marketplace, which is why we are willing to provide potential partners with access to our systems. We know that by working together with partners, we can provide even more value to owners.
  • Tesla onboarding is now easier than ever. We’ve recently launched a seamless and hassle-free onboarding process for Tesla owners. Try it for yourself.
  • Our pioneering Getaround Connect® is more than a seamless lock and unlock tool that our customers love. With GPS tracking during Getaround trips, theft-deterrent features, and yes, integrated toll management, the Connect® helps us make carsharing safer and more convenient.

From our earliest days as a small start-up, partnerships have helped us build a better platform. Leveraging their services with our industry-leading tech improves the carsharing experience for our owners and guests around the world.

We don’t just preach openness, we practice it

Unlike Turo, we’ve made our application programming interface (API) documentation publicly viewable. Take a look for yourself — it’s right here.
During this alpha phase of our open platform, developers are free to “kick the tires” and explore how our system works. While our API is open to our current partners, we’re willing to work with other select partners to develop new integrations that enhance the carsharing experience for everyone on our platform. Our open API aims to support the innovation and progress of the carsharing industry at large while safeguarding the sensitive information of our customers.

Why car owners should join us on the road ahead

Owners who use CarSync to manage their fleets are now faced with frustration and uncertainty. Denver host, Jim Bernat shares:

"I'm happy to see that Getaround is continuing to support third-party vendors, like CarSync, because I run a lot of my current business with CarSync and find them to be an extremely valuable asset to my full-time business. Without CarSync, I would be spending tens of thousands of dollars to maintain my fleet through manual labor and hiring new staff."

We’re happy to provide onboarding incentives to owners to help ease their path forward over the next few months:

  • New Onboard Bonus: For a limited time, owners can earn up to $1,200 for each newly listed car on Getaround. Try our bonus calculator to find out how much extra cash you could earn with this incentive.
  • Increased variable commission tiers: Arriving this spring, our new variable commission tiers will empower owners with more choices and greater earnings potential.
  • EV financing bonus through Tenet: Owners who purchase an electronic vehicle to share on Getaround can unlock an additional bonus of up to $500.

We’ve also contacted owners who rely on CarSync by email to offer additional benefits for those most affected by this decision.

Whether you’re new to carsharing or a longtime Getaround user, thank you for supporting our mission to empower more people to carshare everywhere.

To a collaborative road ahead!
Sam Zaid, CEO @ Getaround