Transparency is key to a successful carsharing experience.

We are excited to introduce an improved ratings and reviews process to collect better feedback and improve the overall carsharing experience on Getaround.

New Feedback Flow

Earlier this year we rolled out new prompts for car ratings and user feedback at the end of carshare trips. Renters were given the option to rate their car on a 5-star scale and provide feedback on their vehicle experience (publicly, or privately to Getaround team only) up to seven days after their trip ends, and owners gained the ability to distrust and block renters with whom they had a poor carsharing experience.

Now with our latest update, post-trip reviews will be visible in the Trip Receipt for both renters and owners if they opt to submit feedback. Additionally, users will now see a car's ratings and feedback in the map and list search view as well.

Star Ratings for Renters

We’re now rolling out the next phase of ratings & feedback. Starting today, renters will see a car’s average star rating in their booking experience.

Feedback for Owners

Additionally, Owners will now be able to rate each renter (on a 5-star scale) and have the option to provide feedback openly with the renter, or privately with Getaround up to seven days after the trip has ended.

It’s important to note that the distrust renter action is permanent, and reviews are not editable.

Transparency Improvements

We believe that collecting and sharing better feedback and information with our users can improve the carsharing experience across the board. These new features will help renters make better booking decisions and provide owners with better transparency into renter quality, all aimed at increasing trust in our community.

We have more improvements in store for ratings and feedback in the pipeline, so please stay tuned for updates or check out our Help Desk articles for more details. As always, thanks for being part of our carsharing community!