Product update: NEW Claims Manager

We’re excited to introduce a brand new tool for owners: Claims Manager, available on desktop! The Claims Manager is a seamless experience designed to assist owners with claims related to vehicle damage.

Product update: NEW Claims Manager

We’re excited to introduce a brand new and highly requested tool for owners: Claims Manager, now available on desktop!

We've been working on a solution for claims management after hearing from owners that this has been a significant challenge, and so now—we’re excited to roll out this solution (with plan to develop it even further).

No more digging through email threads and cross referencing ticket numbers. You can visit the Claims Management page to view, sort, and file claims all from one place. This integrated desktop management experience has centralized all things claims-related.

New capabilities

The new easy-to-navigate dashboard helps owners quickly search for claims, check statuses, file new claims, and more.

  • Search for claims
  • File a new claim
  • Aggregated view of all open or active claim(s)

What you can expect

  • Easily access your claims from the desktop sidebar
  • Filter and view claims across statuses (open, active, closed)
  • Track your claims by date last updated, type of incident, and more

Improvements to come

With owner enablement in mind, we are continuing to build tools and foundations to help in the management, maintenance, and usability of our platform. Keep an eye out for even more product release announcements and enhancements, soon to come!