We're excited to introduce our revamped car management experience for owners (on desktop)! We have given it a major facelift- including a brand new interface, faster load times, and additional features; restructuring it from the ground up to provide owners with a unified view and management system for their cars. Read the updates below.

Design Updates:

* Left-side bar navigator: Use the navigation menu to easily toggle between
  your cars, earnings, and more.
* Expanded layout: Experience a more efficient interface with an expanded car
  list, where you can view up to 10 cars on one page.
* Faster load times: We've done a lot of work on our backend to improve load
  times and rendering, significantly reducing page crashes and broken images.

New Features:

* Search bar: Our new search bar allows you to lookup cars by name or license
  plate for easy troubleshooting and specific car management.
* Status & Uses: We’ve added a Status and Uses column as new fields on each car
  for additional filtering.

These are the first of many improvements we have in store to help owners
streamline, troubleshoot, and manage their car(s) with greater owner tools. Stay
tuned for more product announcements to come, including our Claims Manager and Reservations Page.