First off, we want to take a moment to thank all of our hosts for being part of this past year’s journey — chock full of unknowns, lessons, frustrations, learnings, and much more.

A major silver lining for us has been the wonderful opportunity to witness how many of you embody the entrepreneurial spirit — we’ve been inspired by your dedication to succeed amidst these unprecedented times.

We’ve seen hosts grow and scale with us, committed to this opportunity of running their own business. We’re watching the car sharing marketplace expand as you add more cars to our platform and even spread across markets.

This evolution has been so exciting to witness and we’ve taken note. To support this trend, we have already invested and rolled out features, services, and business changes to enable you in this journey.

Some of these include:

  • Dedicated fleet business managers for hosts with 2+ cars or hosts wanting to scale (we're here to help!)
  • Revamped desktop car management and claims submission platform
  • Deeper Connect data insights for performance optimization
  • Additional premium parking spots
  • Expanded market zip codes (we've launched 23 new cities in the last 3 months!)

To show our continued commitment to this movement, we are excited to officially announce our Power Host™ Program. For any hosts with 2+ cars looking to invest further into their car sharing business, we are building out more product and process improvements to help you.

Things to come/What you can expect:

  • More product features that streamline fleet management
  • A Host Community for resources and knowledge sharing
  • Car discount purchasing

For now, our Account Managers will be reaching out directly to those hosts who qualify for this program.

We want to continue growing in this direction with you to help you succeed in your car sharing business in the easiest way possible. You have inspired us with your relentless go-getting spirit, so thank you and we can't wait continue this journey with you!