We’re excited to announce that Getaround is partnering with the City of San Francisco to expand car sharing across the city. As part of this new initiative the City will be assigning up to 450 parking spots for Getaround cars in city-owned garages, surface lots and new reserved street parked spaces.

With more than a thousand Getaround cars already available in San Francisco, this initiative will go far in helping us deliver on our vision; to enable owners everywhere to conveniently share their cars and renters to instantly find, rent, and unlock high-quality cars in their neighborhood — all from a mobile phone.

There are a limited number of parking spaces available. If you’re interested in making your car instantly available on Getaround and would like to apply for a discounted parking spot  — apply now.

Why this is a big deal

This is a big step towards enabling smarter transportation options and taking thousands of cars off the streets of San Francisco.

Like most large cities, San Francisco battles with increased urbanization, paralyzing traffic and parking congestion, and rising emissions that threatens air quality and contributes to climate change. While it’s only one piece of the puzzle, car sharing plays an important and powerful role in developing the future of transportation. Mayor Lee and SFMTA Director Reiskin’s forward-thinking leadership marks a historic step in the global transition toward smarter, more sustainable, 21st Century cities. The SFMTA’s outlined Car Sharing Policy and Pilot Project explains that car sharing can achieve the following goals at minimal or no cost to the City and taxpayers:

***Reduce automobile ownership rates.
*By having access to a vehicle, households often give up a second or third vehicle. Some forego vehicle ownership entirely. A recent comprehensive study showed that every shared car replaces as many as 13 private vehicles. Lower car ownership rates reduce overall parking demand, especially in residential and mixed use areas.

***Reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT).
*Overall, members of car sharing organizations (CSOs) travel fewer miles by car, which helps to reduce congestion and parking demand.

***Reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions.
*Reducing VMT translates to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that each fuel-efficient shared vehicle reduces carbon dioxide emissions by about seven tons every year.

***Reduce household transportation budgets and increase economic reinvestment.
*Bay Area residents spend up to $12,000 annually per household car. Households who use car sharing, public transportation and other options spend 70% less. Some of these savings are reinvested in the local economy.

Increase walking, bicycling, and transit use.
Members of CSOs tend to walk, bike, or take transit for more trips than non-members (77 percent of trips compared to 67 percent, respectively).

How our community benefits

Getaround is working to make it easy to instantly rent a Getaround car anywhere in the city. Instant is a simple and seamless process for owners and renters. This initiative is powerful because it allows our community to easily and instantly rent Getaround cars where and when they need them without ever having to worry about the hassle of finding parking.

The opportunity for Getaround owners:

  • A reserved parking spot, at 50% discount
  • Up to $800 in monthly earnings
  • Free Getaround Carkit

The benefit for Getaround renters:

  • 450+ Instant cars across the city
  • Convenient reserved parking
  • Guaranteed availability

How Getaround’s different

Unlike traditional fleet-based car sharing companies, Getaround doesn’t own its cars — owners do. Getaround cars don’t take up any additional parking in neighborhoods because the cars already live in those neighborhoods.

Additionally, the profits stay local because owners make money every time somebody rents their Getaround car for a weekend trip to Sonoma or a short trip to the grocery store. Owners who share their cars on Getaround can earn $800 a month, up to $10,000 a year.

Finally, the price tag of next-generation cars often deters Americans from buying them. Getaround enables citizens who still want to own a car to make money off of these investments, enabling a faster transition to electric and hybrid cars, and fewer cars overall.

Interested in Getaround Instant with reserved parking? Apply today!