As a vehicle owner on Getaround, providing a great carsharing experience will help drive repeat renters and increase your standing on our platform.

Our customer success team has reviewed hundreds of renter comments and feedback and rounded-up the most common issues affecting the renter experience:

#1: Accurate and Concise Vehicle Profile
Keeping your car profile and description up to date with all relevant information is the first step to carsharing success. Take stock and list all of your vehicle’s features, options, and add-ons that might attract a renter—things like bluetooth audio, satellite radio, roof or bike racks, child carrier seats, etc. You never know which car features may influence a particular renter to hit the book button when browsing your car profile page, so make sure to list any value-adds!

Parking instructions are equally important. Provide as much detail as possible for renters to easily locate your vehicle. Make note of any garage codes, parking preferences, lockbox instructions, or drop-off directions so that renters have the information they need to be on their way without any issues.

#2: Vehicle Cleanliness
It’s also important for owners to maintain clean and tidy vehicles for their renters. Whenever possible, check in on your car in between bookings and provide feedback on any renters who fail to maintain acceptable levels of cleanliness. Maintaining vehicle tidiness is a shared responsibility and we encourage both renters and owners to clean up after trips to be good stewards of carsharing.

Protip: Many owners recommend investing in a car wash membership package to save money on multiple cleanings and running an auto ozonator in your vehicle(s) to eliminate any unpleasant odors. It’s also encouraged to provide some cleaning and disinfectant supplies in your car for renters to use before and after their trips to maintain safe and hygienic carsharing practices.

#3: Carsharing Road Readiness
Safety is key to the Getaround carsharing experience, and it’s every owner’s obligation to ensure proper maintenance for their vehicles. Stay up to date with oil changes, routine engine maintenance, and check fluid and tire pressure levels regularly so that your renters can drive safely during their carshare trip.

Another way to generate top ratings from your renters is to ensure every trip starts off with a full tank of gas or fully charged if you own an electric vehicle. If a renter returns the vehicle with less gas than they started with, please report which trips are not meeting refueling standards.

Engage for Success
In order to keep your renters happy and coming back for more, explore these recommendations to ensure your own carsharing success and be receptive to feedback you receive from users. When you provide an excellent service to Getaround renters, they will be inclined to reciprocate with positive reviews and feedback, repeat business, and potential referrals. If you proactively manage your vehicle and ensure a high standard of carsharing, Getaround will handle the rest—enabling you to share, earn, and get the most from our marketplace platform.