Today we are pleased to share our new Fee and Commission Schedule. Our Team has been working hard to build out this new fee structure to set clear expectations for both owners and renters when sharing on Getaround.  

The new fee structure ensures that Community Violations, including things like smoking, trip cancellations, and unfilled gas, are clearly defined and that appropriate action is taken to promote a happy and fair carsharing community.

Some of the changes include:

For Owners

Earnings Adjustments: Moving forward, owners will be compensated for their time and effort when shouldering renter incurred fees. These adjustments will be added to your monthly earnings payout for things like gas, traffic citations, and cleaning reimbursements.  

Owner Cancellation Fees: Owners may cancel a trip more than 24 hours before the start of a trip with no penalty. If a trip is cancelled by the owner within 24 hours of the trip’s start time, the owner will be charged a cancellation fee.

Regular Maintenance Charge: Owners are responsible for regular maintenance on their car. In some cases, Getaround or a renter may cover required maintenance up front; however, owners are responsible for covering all costs for any necessary parts and labor.

For Renters

Renter Cancellation Fees: If a renter cancels a trip less than 24 hours before the start of the trip, the renter is charged 50% of the trip price. After a trip has started, no part of the trip is refundable.

Gas Charge: Renters are responsible for refueling the car at the end of their trip. If a car is returned with less gas than at the start of the trip, the renter will be charged for the missing gas plus a Gas Charge of $15. Remember to set aside time at the end of your trip to refuel your Getaround car – our owners really appreciate it, and we do, too!

Damage Fee: In the unlikely event that a Getaround car should be damaged during a trip, the renter is responsible for paying a Damage Fee to Getaround of $750 for a standard car and $2500 for a specialty car. Our new Damage Fee helps to cover the cost of parts, labor, and time – for both us and our owners.

For a comprehensive overview our new Fee and Commission Schedule, visit  

If you have any questions or concerns about our new Fee and Commission Schedule, please reach out to us at

Please note:our Fee and Commission Schedule is effective immediately and will be enforced as of Sept 21, 2015. If you reported an incident prior to this date, it will be considered against the old Fee and Commission Schedule agreed to at the initial time of booking.