As the weather finally starts to turn in our favor, we’re ready to get out of the house and explore this wonderful city of ours. Time to book your car and start planning those adventures!

1. Escape to Lake Geneva


Scenic Lake Geneva is a quick 1.5 hour drive from Chicago, making it the perfect weekend retreat when you need a break from the City. Whether you’re in need of some serious R&R or in the mood for some small town charm, this getaway is at the top of our list. [Learn more](

2. Bring out your inner foodie

A Beautiful Plate

Grab your friends and head to a culinary destination that’s a little off the beaten path. We’re always down for a trip to Joong Boo Market, one of Evanston’s finest Korean markets. Be sure to visit both the outdoor dumpling station and the food stall inside. [Learn more](

3. Take a Ferris Bueller’s day off


Pull a sickie, unlock a neighbor’s car, and take the ultimate day off. Get vertigo on the Willis Observation Deck, wander The Art Institute of Chicago, catch agame at Wrigley Field, and sing “Twist and Shout” on your drive home.

4. Architecture tours by bicycle


Oak Park is home to the world’s largest collection of buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Explore its picturesque neighborhoods on a guided bicycle tour of 21 Wright-designed structures. [Learn more](

Do you have a favorite Chicago adventure you want to share? Tell us more in the comments!