Introducing Greta, your new Getaround virtual assistant! Whether you’re a first-time guest or an experienced host, Greta gets you the right help, faster.

We’re always working to improve the carsharing experience for our guests and hosts, which is why we’re thrilled to unveil Greta, a new tool that makes it easier (and faster) to get the answers you need.

Greta’s by your side for every step of your Getaround journey. Got a quick question? Greta has a helpful answer. Need to get in touch with a support team member? Greta can point you in the right direction.

Help is just a click or tap away – find Greta in the bottom right corner of your screen on desktop or in the Getaround mobile app.

Get to know Greta!

Chat dialog with Greta, Getaround’s virtual support assistant.

Greta: Hi there! 👋 I'm Greta, your Getaround Virtual Assistant 🤖

Hi Greta! How does Getaround work?

Getaround is an online marketplace that connects Hosts and Guests from our car sharing community 🚗.

"Hosts" can share their own cars on our platform and "Guests" can use our mobile app or website to book a car by the hour.

At the start of a trip, Guests can unlock their reserved vehicle with their smartphone without the need to meet someone or hand off keys.

Here are some links you might find helpful:
🗺Click here to take the Getaround Tour!
🕵️‍♂️ Start of Trip Inspections
🚗 Learn more about how to share your car
🔍 Dive in and search for cars here
🚕Check out how to use Getaround to Drive With Uber

Thank you! As a first-time user, I’m wondering – how does fuel work?

😊 I'd be happy to explain our fuel policy.

In an effort to provide the best car sharing experience for everyone, we require Guests to replace any fuel used during the trip.

If the car is not properly refueled at the time of return, you will be charged at a per-market rate.

Make sure you take a photo of the fuel gauge as a part of your pre-trip and post-trip inspection in the Getaround app. You will be prompted for this when you click to begin and end your trip.

To learn more about refueling, click 👇
Guest Fuel policy

How many miles can I drive on a trip?

Standard trips (also known as Carshare trips) have a mileage cap of 20 miles per hour of your trip, up to a maximum of 200 miles per day, which rolls forward throughout your trip.

For instance, a 3 day trip has a maximum mileage allotment of 600 miles.

For Guests who travel over the mileage allotment in a standard trip, a charge of $0.50 per-mile will be charged to their account.

For more details, check out this Help Center Article:
Standard trip policy

Thanks Greta. What do you do when you’re not helping Getaround hosts and guests?

I love planning scenic drives in a Getaround car perfect for the trip!

If you could take a road trip anywhere in the U.S., where would you go?

There are so many wonderful destinations within a day’s drive from a Getaround city. But if I have to choose, I’d take a convertible south from Getaround HQ in San Francisco and see all the sights along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Hey Greta, how can I extend my trip?

If you're running late, you can extend your trip in the following ways:
➡️ Via the Getaround mobile app (iOS or Android)
➡️ By logging into your account here

Screenshot of the Getaround app displaying the button used to extend a trip.

How do I return my Getaround rental at the end of a trip?

Cars must be returned:
➡️ To their ‘home location’ at the end of each trip
➡️ Filled with gas, and parked legally for the next 24 hours
➡️ With The key returned as listed in the car pick-up instructions
➡️ Doors locked, engine off
➡️ Trip ended in the app

This was convenient for me to knock out a few errands this afternoon. I’m interested in making some extra money on the side too – how can I list my own car on Getaround?

To share your car on Getaround, your car must:

  • Be model year 2007 or newer.
  • If your car is 10 years or older it will need an inspection done at on-boarding as well as yearly to maintain eligibility.
  • Have 200K miles or less on it.
  • If it has been driven 125k-200K miles an inspection is needed at onboarding as well as yearly to maintain eligibility.

To start the process to list your car:
1️⃣ Click on this link
2️⃣ Enter the pertinent information about your car’s year and mileage, and the zip code for where you’ll be sharing your car. Don’t forget to hit “Start earning” when you’re done.
3️⃣ A Getaround representative from your local team will be in touch once your listing has been created.

Not only will new guests have an easier time getting going, Greta is there for hosts too. Hosts can use Greta to follow up on claims, find details about earnings, request fuel reimbursements, and more. Greta can also help hosts get in touch with the right support team member to resolve their issue.

With your new virtual assistant, it’s easier – and faster – than ever to get the help you need. Getaround is better with Greta.

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