Maximize your host earnings

The most successful hosts on Getaround have one thing in common: high availability.

Maximize your host earnings

The most successful hosts on Getaround have one thing in common: high availability.

And by availability, we mean the factors that influence accessibility for guests, which can be broken down into:

  1. Time availability (hours available for booking)
  2. Location availability (where the car is located)

Time availability

In the case of time availability, more booking hours available usually leads to an increase in earnings potential. Equally as important is consecutive available hours. Increase your chances of showing up in searches by having longer uninterrupted chunks of time available for guest booking. As much as possible, make your vehicle available for the busiest carsharing times: weekends, holidays, and commutes.

Did you know?

  • Making your car unavailable for just one hour reduces that day's potential earnings by 30%.
  • 44% of total earnings on Getaround occur on weekends.

You can monitor your estimated earnings week-over-week in your host dashboard.

Host Dashboard

Earnings overview summary

Managing vehicle availability is easy with Getaround's profile management tools. Hosts should proactively update vehicle calendars (you can set recurring time blocks) and optimize vehicle descriptions to increase booking opportunities and search availability.

Experiment with location availability

Proximity (or location) is another top factor influencing most guest bookings.

If your weekly available hours aren’t netting the estimated earnings you expect, consider relocating your vehicle somewhere with greater carshare demand (if you do, make sure to update your vehicle home location settings and comply with all parking rules, regulations, and ordinances applicable to the location). The most active locations for carsharing are typically near transit centers, high-density neighborhoods, or campuses.

  • Downtown areas - Where the greatest percentage of car-free members of your community tend to live.
  • Dense neighborhoods - In residential areas where parking is scarce, some opt out of car ownership in favor of carsharing.
  • College campuses - Students often don’t have access to personal transportation on campus.
  • High foot traffic areas - Places such as shopping centers, tourist attractions, restaurant clusters, etc.
  • Airports - Carsharing is an affordable and flexible alternative to traditional rentals. Now that we’ve partnered with KAYAK, booking with Getaround is even more convenient for travelers.

Best Practices

Consider this information to optimize your host earnings. And if you’re interested in getting in touch with our team to help you maximize your potential even further, don’t hesitate to visit our host community portal.

As always, thanks for being part of our Getaround community!