From micro-entrepreneurship to micro-philanthropy, San Francisco Academy Orchestra Conductor Andrei Gorbatenko is kicking off 2014 by using Getaround to support music education. Not only does the Maestro share his car when he’s not using it, he’s using the earnings to raise money for the Academy Orchestra Scholarship Fund. From now through January 31st. Andrei is donating all of the proceeds from sharing his Audi TT Sports Coupe.

Rent the Maestro’s Audi TT Sports Coupe!

“As a native San Franciscan, I’m sensitive to the growth of traffic and parking issues that plague our beautiful city so I deeply believe in Getaround’s mission. After seeing that a lot of folks wanted to rent my Audi, I thought I’d donate my Getaround profits to the Academy Orchestra Scholarship Fund. The scholarship fund makes our graduate program more affordable and could gradually result in us being able to offer tuition-free education. Imagine a world where tuition costs actually decreased every year!”

To celebrate Andrei’s philanthropic leadership and to thank him for contributing to our amazing community here in San Francisco – we’re excited help his fundraising effort by matching his earnings on Getaround  through January 31st. Please join us in giving back to the community by renting the Maestro’s Audi TT to support the Academy Orchestra Scholarship Fund  and tweet us photos of your trip so we can share!

Getaround caught up with the Maestro and his students for a quick shoot at the Legion of Honor. We talked them into an impromptu riff of Pachelbel’s Canon. Check it out:

******Musicians from right to left: Evelyn Kwark, Darren Sagawa, Matt Armbruster, Hilary Lewis, Nicole Boguslaw **

About the San Francisco Academy Orchestra Scholarship Fund

The mission of the San Francisco Academy Orchestra is to preserve, promote, and present  the art of orchestral performance as a vital form of human expression. Since the year 2000 the above mission has been achieved specifically by offering emerging professionals the opportunity to rehearse and perform alongside members of the San Francisco Symphony. This side-by-side method of pedagogy, which is referred to by Andrei Gorbatenko as the “Academy Experience,” has been utilized in 13 uninterrupted seasons of orchestral events  with a faculty of San Francisco members as well as acclaimed guest artists such as Kent Nagano, James Gaffigan, Chee-Yun Kim, Axel Strauss, Ian Swensen, Alden Gilchrist and Alexander Barantschik.

Armed with a dynamic faculty of San Francisco Symphony members, Director Gorbatenko has chosen 20 applicants among a talent pool from five continents for the inaugural school year which began in October. The purpose of the fellowship is to offer a cost-effective and practical education that focuses specifically on the skill set necessary to prepare for auditions a career in orchestral music. The scholarship fund makes this education affordable and could gradually result in this being a tuition-free education.

Rent the Maestro’s car and support the Academy Orchestra Scholarship Fund!