At Getaround, we are proud to say that we have a strong community firmly rooted in trust and safety. It’s an issue we’ve been deeply committed to since day one.
In addition to offering complete insurance coverage on each rental, we require our members to pass several security checkpoints to make sure their Getaround experience is simple, safe and secure—every time.

At signup

Joining Getaround is a quick, free and easy process. For each new signup, we work hard behind the scenes to verify the identity of each user. We ask users for a social profile using Facebook to ensure they’re using their real identity online.

Booking a rental

Our special screening process runs over 20 separate security checks, including an instant driver record look-up that’s directly connected to each state’s DMV secure network. We also pre-authorize credit card information and analyze credit card billing information.

Sharing a car

All Getaround owners have the first option to decline a renter at their discretion whenever a request for their car is made. If they decide to share their car, they then have the option to do an in-person key exchange. This allows an owner to personally hand over their keys to the renter only after they’ve met them and verified their driver’s license. 
Owners also have the option of the Getaround Carkit™, a small and discreet piece of installed hardware that allows the car to be unlocked and locked using a smart phone.

Each Carkit is equipped with GPS tracking technology, tamper detection and our own proprietary cryptographic protocols to secure any and all data exchanges. This lets owners share their vehicles more efficiently without compromising on security.

Ignition disable on the Carkit

The Getaround Carkit supports a flexible ignition disable option that can be configured in multiple ways. For example, it can be configured to put the car’s ignition in a disabled state by default, similar to how other car sharing companies function.

However, disabling the ignition by default can significantly erode the car sharing experience. As an owner, you give up the freedom to use your own car in a normal way. Instead of unlocking your car with the keys and driving it—say, down the street to the store—you would be required to reserve your car through an online rental request system. Then you’d have to open and start it using an electronic entry device.

Our approach in offering a key exchange and the Getaround Carkit provides a simple, safe and secure car sharing experience without compromising the freedom of our car owners.

How our members feel about Getaround

Our members tell us they feel extremely safe sharing their cars in Getaround, and that renters have been consistently respectful when driving and returning their cars.

Says Sandy M.:

I need to know that my car is only being rented to reliable drivers, who will return it to me in the same condition in which they rented it. Getaround’s system for verifying qualified drivers, coupled with insurance that protects my car when it is driven by others, handles all my concerns.

Stay tuned over the next few months as we roll out several new Trust and Safety features on Getaround. If you’ve got anything to say or suggest to our team, please send it to Thanks for reading!