Advertising may seem annoying until you have something that you want people to know about. Like, say, your Getaround vehicle.  When it’s done correctly, it has the potential to help you earn thousands of dollars per year on every vehicle you list on Getaround. So consider these opportunities to market (not just advertise) your car, truck, or van and generate more interest, more rentals, and more money.

Word of mouth

Old school. You know, what we did before we typed everything to one another? Here’s how to do it. You tell your friends you’ve got a car on Getaround. Then they tell their friends. Then they tell their friends. And so on. And so on. Pretty soon, Kevin Bacon is renting your car for the weekend.

Build local relationships

Again, another tactic to build your network of possible Getaround drivers without the use of technology. Do you have a dog walker that needs a car to get to more dogs? A newspaper delivery person that needs a car to deliver more newspapers? A candlestick maker that needs a car to make more candlesticks? You do? We don’t believe you. Anyway, tell that person about your vehicle and provide a link to your rental page.

Post on bulletin boards

If you live in an apartment building or work in an office, chances are, there’s a bulletin board for things just like this. Put an ad up showing off your car. List its availability. Post a picture of the front grill with the tires cocked ever so slightly to the side to make it look more dynamic. Your flyer should aspire to attract more attention than the “Missing Coffee Mug” flyer in the office kitchen, so have fun with it.

Make a business card

Here’s a pretty basic reason for making a business card. The same reason that, despite being in existence for 20,000 years (approx.), we still make business cards—they drive business. When you can’t remember who someone was or what they did, if you had their business card, you would. Immediately. Plus, fun fact, not many cars have business cards. So, make one for your car. Your car and its drivers will be happy you did.

Build a website

Staying in the same mindset, build a website (AKA the business card of the Internet) for your car. Not only are they incredibly easy to make, they’re incredibly easy to make look professional. Take some pics of your car, write a blurb about how well it handles, and how it makes its drivers better looking and more successful than they actually are, and when people start searching and finding your page, suddenly you’re in business. Quite literally.

Promote on social media

By now you've probably built up a modest social following with your pics of brunches, vlog rants, and cute animal gifs.  Now it's time to use your social media acumen to let your followers know you’ve got a car available and ready to roll. Hashtag to your heart’s content. Geotag! Do everything you already know how to do to get noticed. A few years ago it would’ve taken a national TV commercial to reach the thousands of people you can now reach with just a few clicks from your couch.

Networking events

Trade shows, conferences and other large events always attract out of town travelers. If you’ve got a car available on Getaround, you’re in business! Do what any small business owner would do and chase down those leads wherever they may be.


This is a time-honored advertising tradition. Sales! Coupons! Referral codes! They’re not just for the mail, anymore. You too can use your invite referral codes to your advantage. Everyone loves a deal. And if the difference between someone choosing your 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee over a traditional rental company's different, but exactly-the-same-in-almost-every-way 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a referral code, maybe it’s time to give them a try?

Facebook, Google, and Craigslist all have advertising platforms that make getting your message to prospective drivers simple, targeted, and effective. When your paid ads convert into rentals you'll get a taste of what Don Draper enjoyed so much, and we aren't talking about the alcohol or cigarettes.

Those are just nine ways to find drivers for your vehicle (and money for your pocket). For the enterprising among us, there are probably dozens more. So, rather than your car sitting in its spot, driverless, for days at a time—share it on Getaround. Let it do what Getaround lets it do. Drive when you can’t, and earn money when you want.