We want Getaround vehicle owners to get the most out of their carsharing experience, and managing car info and availability is key to success. When your schedule changes it’s important to reflect that on your car's availability calendar. If you've blocked off time on your Getaround calendar, your car won't appear as available to book for drivers.

Reminder: Renters can book an available car up to 15 minutes before a trip.

How to update your Getaround calendar

Your car's calendar is accessible from the "Cars" view. To get started, login to your account with your desktop browser, or navigate to "Cars" via the hamburger menu on the Getaround App.

Next, tap "Calendar" under the image of the car you'd like to manage. You can block off time by the month, or day, down to the hour.

How to add a calendar block

Time can be blocked (or removed from a block) easily. Once you're inside the calendar view, tap the day you'd like to block, and hit the "Add block" button.

Select the start and end time, and tap the "Block time" button at the bottom of the screen. You'll see a confirmation prompt with a green checkmark, tap "Okay."

How to remove a calendar block

You can also remove blocks by selecting a date that's actively blocked and then tapping the "X" button on the right-hand side.

You'll see a prompt saying, "You sure you want to delete this blocked time?" Confirm by selecting "Delete."

How to set recurring calendar blocks

You can also set weekly recurring calendar blocks if you have a regular commitment by toggling the "Repeats weekly" option when setting up a new time block.

Optimizing your car profile

Drivers are always interested if a car has special options or features they can utilize. Child seats, ski racks, winter weather chains, or a satellite radio might make someone's trip more easy or enjoyable (and your car more rentable), so make sure your car profile description is complete with all the relevant details.

Your car profile settings are best managed on the desktop website. Owners logging on to Getaround.com will land on the "Cars" view.

Next, tap the "Manage" button underneath the car you'd like to update. Here you can edit and update your car details and information like description,  availability calendar, location details, or specific instructions for parking, picking up, or dropping off.

Now that you're familiar with the Getaround owner management tools, we hope that you feel empowered to carshare with confidence.

For more information visit our Help Desk article: How do I block off time on my car's calendar?