As a pioneer of the peer-to-peer car sharing revolution, we realized from the start that trust and safety of our members and vehicles is vital.We are proud to say that all Getaround transactions are secure, and we will to continue to build on this strong foundation.

Today, Getaround's Trust and Safety team oversees the integrity of our security, technology and community, which includes:

Extensive Member Screening

For each new signup, we work hard behind the scenes to verify the identity of each user:

  • New members are required to use their real identity online, which is authenticated via Facebook.
  • Prior to their first rental, all members are screened through a secure automated driver record check, which is connected through each U.S. state’s DMV. International drivers are manually verified through our customer support team.
  • All credit cards are extensively cross-checked for fraud, using over 10 separate fraud checks.

Owner Control

Getaround is fully committed to giving our members freedom and flexibility. For car owners, this means having the personal choice to accept or decline who rents their car, for how much and when.

When sharing their car, owners are given the option of meeting their renters in person to verify their identity—and driver’s license—while handing off the keys. This face-to-face method is preferred by many of our members, who like to build relationships through personal interactions.

Getaround Carkit™ Technology

Owners also have the option of the Getaround Carkit (patent pending), a small and discreet piece of installed hardware that allows the car to be unlocked and locked using a smart phone.

Each Carkit is equipped with GPS tracking technology, tamper detection and our own proprietary cryptographic protocols to secure any and all data exchanges, enabling owners share their vehicles more efficiently and with additional security.

The Getaround Carkit also supports a flexible ignition disable option that can be configured to put the car’s ignition in a disabled state by default.

A++ Rated Insurance Policy

All Getaround cars are insured under our A++ rated policy, which is provided by insurance carrier Berkshire Hathaway. This policy replaces our car owner’s personal auto policy for the duration of a rental period, and offers complete comprehensive, collision and liability coverage.

In the event of an accident or unlikely violation, our insurance policy will cover all repairs—including a Getaround replacement car when your car is out of commission.

Vigilant Support and Security Team

Complementing our technology and insurance is our caring and highly skilled customer support team. This team is extremely proactive in removing suspicious and negative people from the community, as well as discouraging negative behavior.

We’re always improving

Trust and safety at Getaround is something we work on every single day.