How carsharing helped Shrein meet her newest family member

Jan 12, 2023 1 min read

When Shrein’s sister asked if she would be able to travel from San Francisco to Sacramento for her nephew’s birth, she was a little nervous. Shrein knew she would have to be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

“It was such a relief to know that at any time I needed to, I could grab a Getaround car.”

A San Francisco resident, Shrein chooses not to own a car and instead has been using Getaround regularly for two years. The flexibility and accessibility of carsharing complements Shrein’s busy day-to-days.

“It’s nice to just walk to a car nearby and unlock it, without having to wait in line or go through a pile of paperwork.”

Whether she’s running errands in the city, planning a shopping trip, or meeting up with friends around the Bay Area, Shrein appreciates the ease and reliability of on-demand booking a Getaround car from her phone. She even has a few favorites in her neighborhood.

“I appreciate a newer model with Bluetooth, something fun,” she says. “My go-to ride is a Mini Cooper shared by an owner near me, but I’m also impressed with the smooth rides of some electric vehicles like the Chevy Bolt.”

In addition to getting things done, Shrein also feels a sense of community when using Getaround.

“In San Francisco, we all live near each other. I’m driving someone else’s car, they’re making some extra cash. We’re helping each other out — and we’re helping the environment. It feels good to carshare with Getaround.”

For Shrein, carsharing empowers her with the freedom of driving a personal vehicle without the commitment of owning one. And thanks to Getaround, Shrein made it to Sacramento in time for her new nephew’s arrival. Baby and mother are doing great!

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