Something magical seems to happen when men become fathers. Suddenly, socks and sandals are not only worn in public, but are considered a practical solution and their sense of humour turns from quick and witty to corny one-liners and horrible puns.

While we embrace this dorky evolution (it’s what makes them so special) – we know that things haven’t always been this way. You’ve heard stories from your dad’s glory days. When he was the coolest guy in school, the star of the football team and the stud who swept your mom off her feet.

Calling all daughters, sons and mothers!

With Father’s Day just around the corner, Getaround wants to help your dad get his cool back – and there’s nothing like a fast car and the wind in his hair (or the space where his hair used to be) to make him feel young again! Thankfully, it just so happens we have some very fast, Tesla Roadsters that we’re sure will do the trick.

To win your dad a spin in one of the Getaround Teslas, pin, tweet or email a photo of your dad being cool – whatever that means to you – and tag the photo #dorkydad. The coolest dads will each win a 2-hour rental in one of the Getaround Teslas (located in San Francisco, Austin and Portland).

Before you pull out the old photo albums and start hunting for that special photo – the Getaround team has dug up some photos of our #dorkydads to kick things off.

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