They call Miami The Magic City because of its remarkable population growth—and now, this culturally vibrant, booming beachfront metropolis has another solution to its resulting transit problem. A solution that feels magical, no less:

Getaround’s instant, tech-enabled carsharing platform means you can rent and unlock cars right through the Getaround app on your phone. Like magic. With hourly or daily availability, it’s easier than ever to get from South Beach to Little Havana and out to Ft. Lauderdale or Orlando without missing a beat. If you’re looking to pocket some of that rental revenue, the earnings from Getaround will offset the cost of your vehicle, or help you finally afford your dream car.

How to Carshare with Getaround

Download the Getaround iOS or Android app for free, then browse hundreds of cars shared by your neighbors, and pick the wheels you need. Whether it’s a convertible for a seaside cruise, a truck for a quick furniture move, or simply whatever’s down the street, we put variety at your fingertips.

And you never need to coordinate a key pick-up or drop-off with the owner. Our unique Getaround Connect™ device powers remote locating and unlocking of the car, all through the app! A valid driver’s license is all you need to hit the road at your convenience—no membership fees or access cards needed, and no rental lines or paperwork. Our $1,000,000 insurance coverage and 24/7 roadside assistance are included automatically with every booking, so you can rest assured we’ve got you covered.

The benefits of carsharing

If you know Miami, you know the city is densely populated with residents and visitors pass through year round as well. Despite constant influx, the traffic-jammed streets of this sun drenched paradise will soon start to feel less infernal.

This is because carsharing actually takes cars off the road. A series of independent studies by the University of California Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center shows that for every shared car about 10 cars are taken off the road. Furthermore, the center says 1,000 shared cars can offset up to 50 million pounds of carbon dioxide. By listing your car on Getaround or booking your next trip with us, you’re playing a huge part in reducing toxic emissions.

Another major benefit of peer-to-peer carsharing is the local economic growth it creates. Getaround empowers local car owners like students, entrepreneurs, and families to save extra cash for whatever they want. We’ve swooped in just in time for you to maximize earnings throughout the high tourist season starting in October, and during winter when thousands of snow-birds will flock south.

One other huge benefit Getaround offers is the ability to live a car-free lifestyle, while still having access to vehicles on-demand whenever you need one. This is a perfect option for residents in dense areas of Miami who’ve wanted to go car-free, but couldn’t because limited transit options made the shift too difficult. Now, those residents can sell their car—or better yet, they can share their car on Getaround.

Where to go now with Getaround

The constant tourism is proof enough that Miami and its diverse surroundings leave nothing to be desired. There’s plenty of adventure to be had in the immediate vicinity and within a few hours driving. Here are some insider gems we recommend:

Just get a car and get here for Halloween or NYE. Those are two of the big, highly anticipated nights of the year, during which the city comes to life even more (if you can believe it). At the end of March, Ultra Music Festival in Bayfront Park is a must-do.

For an excuse to get out of town, it’s only a one-hour drive to Everglades National Park, where you can take in the gorgeous reserve of mangroves, wetlands, and abundant wildlife. Of course, if you have time to visit the happiest place on Earth, Disneyworld is just three and a half hours north in Orlando.

Ready for adventure?

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