School’s out, work’s slow (hopefully), and the weather is ripe for a windows-down car ride across the country to visit America’s most beautiful attractions.

Whether you live on a coast, down south, up north, or somewhere in between, there’s gorgeous places all around just begging to be entered into your GPS. So, pack your bags, open your Getaround app, find your car, and roll out in search of adventure. Here are our picks for perfect summertime road trip destinations.

The South

Well, it doesn’t get anymore south than Key West, Florida. Take a drive on the 120-mile Overseas Highway that begins in Miami and ends when you simply can’t drive any farther. You will be just a few miles from Cuba, after all. The whole trip feels like you're floating on a beautiful blue-green water. Once you’re there you’ll get to experience something “a little off” in all the right ways. Visit the home of Ernest Hemingway, catch a stunning sunset off Mallory Square, or just take in the local culture and see what makes Key West so authentically unique.

Winding road near the seaside in Big Sur

All The Way West

It wouldn’t be a proper road trip list without us recommending the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s named Highway 1, and we couldn’t agree more. This is almost always mentioned in top-picks for picturesque roads and vacation destinations and it’s easy to see why. Take your drive either north starting in LA or south starting in SF, and along the way stop in anywhere from Carmel to Big Surprise to Pismo Beach to Santa Barbara. The blend of natural beauty (mountains, beaches, wildlife) and history (Hearst Castle, Santa Barbara Mission, Limekiln State Park) will have you questioning whether a weeklong trip should’ve really been a month long sojourn.

New England

Journey up to Acadia National Park via the Mountain Desert Island Loop Road. Starting and ending at Bar Harbor, it’s a 27 mile roundtrip loop providing some of the most rugged and stunning landscape that New England has to offer. From where you live it might be a little longer. But luckily, once you’re there, there will be enough lobster rolls to replenish whatever kind of hunger you’ve developed on your journey.

I took this shot while we were driving down trail ridge road in the Rocky Mountain National Park. To take this I was actually standing on the center console of our car and was sticking out of the sun roof.

The Mountains

Yes, we always recommend taking the high road. This summer, we mean that a bit more literally. As in, the road to Rocky Mountain National Park. Located smack on the continental divide, it’s our country’s highest paved road. But don’t look down, there’s just too much to see all around you. In fact, maybe you should park your car for a few days and pitch a tent. You’ll need the time to properly take in the epic hikes, hot spring baths and whitewater rapids. This is why summer in the mountains should not be overlooked.

The North

Here’s one you might not have heard of. The Black River Scenic Byway, located on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A place that’s been frozen solid all winter long really shines once summer rolls around. Just take your car onto State Highway 513 and you’ll be rewarded with waterfalls along the road, deep, thick forests, and the most expansive and beautiful views of Lake Superior you’ll ever see. Rent a cottage or a cabin right along the shore, get some fishing gear, and try not to feel how happy everyone is that summer (though short-lived) is finally here.

There’s a reason dozens of movies have centered around the road trip trope. The Great American Summer Road Trip is an iconic institution. And we, at Getaround, just want to help you make it happen. So, get your car and head out to all the magical places that combine captivating stretches of road, life affirming scenery, and fantastic pitstops and enjoy the summer to the fullest.

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