San Jose, already the largest city in the Bay Area, is experiencing massive economic and urban growth, and new transportation solutions are needed to keep up with the influx of people. As of today, Getaround’s peer-to-peer carsharing platform is now available throughout the South Bay to residents, commuters, and visitors. Vehicle owners who want to earn thousands can rent out their cars to offset the high costs of car ownership or save up for a vacation. Those living car-free, or who want a speciality vehicle for a move or fancy date night, can grab any car they need on Getaround.

Why carshare in San Jose?

With new corporate move-ins, higher density housing developments and the revitalization of the downtown area, the number of people who live and work in San Jose is expected to increase. With more people typically comes more cars and traffic. Getaround is a mobility option that reduces the number of cars on the road— every car shared on the platform takes 10 off the road. So while the population in SJ rises, congestion doesn’t have to. Owners who share their cars allow many other people to live car-free to help mitigate traffic.

With the average San Jose resident owning two cars, many are eager to tap into Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial spirit by making money off their idle assets.

Getaround’s commitment to San Jose

Getaround’s expansion into San Jose from San Francisco, Oakland, and other nearby cities satisfies the demand of thousands of South Bay car owners and renters who have been waiting to join the Getaround community. They’ll now be able to more easily connect the cities in which they live and work.

“As we planned our expansion into the South Bay, we knew our San Francisco HQ wouldn’t be able to provide the fastest or most efficient service for that community,” said Getaround General Manager, San Francisco Bay Area, Adam Bastein. “So we searched for options closer to the South Bay and are thrilled to have opened our operations hub in Redwood City to provide consistent, high-quality and fast service for our South Bay car owners.”

Getaround’s Redwood City Hub will support the onboarding of new vehicles and installation of the Getaround Connect™ in 48 hours or less, and will more closely connect Getaround to the South Bay community. The hub has already partnered with several local businesses and will serve car owners in San Jose, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, San Mateo, Redwood City, Cupertino and soon, more cities.

How carsharing with Getaround works

Getaround equips owners’ vehicles with the Getaround Connect™ and pairs it with its software for a seamless hardware-software integration. This unique technology powers instant booking, GPS locating, and keyless unlocking of the vehicle all through the Getaround app. Owners and renters never have to rely on a key exchange, so carsharing is accessible to both parties at any time of day. There are no RFID cards and no membership cards—all you need is the iOS or Android mobile app.

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