The mountains, lakes, trails, and cliffs are beckoning, and now Getaround is available to help Boulderites answer their call. Getaround is a peer-to-peer carsharing service that helps people get around to all the places they want to go (even if where they want to go is a place called Devil’s Punch Bowl). No matter your adventure or destination Getaround has you covered with a carsharing platform that provides simple, convenient and fast transportation solutions for people on the go.

Want to rent and go without all of the advanced bookings, paperwork, lines, membership fees, and awkward key hand-offs? You'll love Getaround's seamless carsharing experience. The Getaround app helps you unlock the the most user-friendly carsharing experience in the market.

Signing up is as easy as downloading our app and creating an account. Once you've been verified you'll be free to browse, choose, and unlock a wide variety of cars, trucks, vans, and convertibles in your area. Load up the trunk of an SUV for a full-on camping weekend or jump into an electric vehicle for a quick afternoon excursion. Getaround offers you the versatility to have the perfect ride for any front-range excursion.

And it's not just adventure-seeking drivers that benefit. Vehicle owners can earn big with Getaround. If you’re in Boulder with a car that you don’t use every day, or every hour, or every minute (we’re not picky), you could carshare with Getaround and fill your wallet with passive income. The Getaround app makes it easy to list your car, connect with verified local drivers, and earn thousands of dollars per year. That’s a lot of lift tickets come wintertime.

In a town as majestic as Boulder, everyone’s chasing their own adventure, and most of them need a ride. Getaround is your solution to make whatever journey you’re about to embark on a little better. We'll see you out there, Boulder!

Rent now, or share now with Getaround. It's go time!