Getaround Reaches One Million Connected Trips in Europe

Apr 23, 2021 2 min read

While guests love having 24/7 on-demand access to nearby cars for work and life, hosts who share their car(s) on Getaround love the ability to earn side-income or even run a successful entrepreneurial business on our platform.

We've witnessed the the momentum for connected car sharing continue to grow, even through these unprecedented COVID times due to our contactless technology. In fact, in March 2021, Getaround reached one million connected trips in Europe, an important milestone for Getaround and car sharing globally!

Getaround’s unique car sharing experience is made possible by its patented Getaround ConnectⓇ technology, which powers every Getaround trip in the United States and in major markets across Europe and the United Kingdom. Getaround Connect technology allows guests to locate, book, and unlock a car on-demand using the Getaround app on their mobile phone. There’s no need to meet in person, carry an access card, wait in line, or coordinate picking up keys.

This same technology provides hosts the ability to locate and monitor their vehicle when it’s not on an active trip, share their car on the platform without having to deliver the car (or even keys) to their guest, and track fuel and battery levels so the vehicle can be ready for the next reservation.

The movement of car sharing globally has proven itself important and even necessary through COVID times when guests needed a contactless, reliable, and safe mode of transport. Meanwhile, we saw many hosts invest deeper into this entrepreneurial business as a means of generating income during the uncertain times.

As for hitting this one million trip milestone, Simon Baldeyrou, Head of Getaround Europe and President of Getaround SAS says,

Exceeding one million Getaround Connect rentals on our platform represents an important milestone in our mission to liberate cities from under-used parked cars. More and more users are attracted by the convenience and flexibility of our service for both long and short trips. We are happy to see that carsharing is now considered a real, viable alternative to not only other means of transportation, but also to owning a private car.”

Getaround has expanded into several markets just this year and continues to leverage its patented ConnectⓇ technology to provide deeper automation, insights, and enablement across the entire experience of car sharing. We're excited to continue growing this car sharing movement thanks to our community of hosts and guests!

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