Ford Motor Credit Company encourages 14,000 customers in San Francisco, Washington DC, Oakland, Berkeley, Portland, and Chicago to share their cars on Getaround.

We’re excited to announce that Getaround and Ford Motor Credit Company are teaming up to expand carsharing across the country. As part of this partnership, Ford is encouraging 14,000 existing Ford vehicle owners in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Portland, Washington DC, and Chicago to share their cars on Getaround. This partnership is part of Ford’s Smart Mobility initiative.

How it works

Through this partnership, Ford Credit customers will earn extra money each month by sharing their financed vehicles with pre-screened drivers in Getaround’s community. In turn, Getaround renters benefit from having convenient, affordable access to Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Ford Credit is promoting Getaround to 14,000 customers through a multitude of channels, across six U.S. cities. Participants can use Getaround’s web or mobile applications to make their vehicles available by the hour, day or week, according to their schedule. The offer is available to select Ford Credit customers in Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Getaround’s on-demand carsharing experience is made possible by Getaround Connect™, our award-winning hardware and software technology, that turns any car into a connected car.  Getaround Connect™ enables trusted members to rent, locate, and unlock the car instantly from the Getaround app.

Car owners can seamlessly share their car when they aren’t using it to earn hassle-free cash. Each trip is covered by our $1 million primary insurance policy and includes 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance. Members of our community are earning an average of $521 per month in San Francisco, with some Getaround owners earning more than $10K each year.

Why this is a big deal

Global urbanization, proliferation of mobile technology, and mass adoption of the Sharing Economy present a unique opportunity to address global environmental and transportation challenges through smart mobility solutions like peer-to-peer (P2P) carsharing.

Getaround provides local communities with significant economic, environment, and transit benefits.

  • Good for the Economy: Getaround car owners, on average, earn $521 per month translating to $6,000+ each year . Unlike traditional car rental services, P2P carsharing can scale into low-income and low-density areas by providing convenient, affordable access to transportation. Recent research from New York University shows that P2P carsharing has a significant positive economic impact on middle and lower income families.
  • Good for the Environment: Each carshare vehicle removes 9-13 other cars from the road, offsetting up to 100,000 pounds of C02.
  • **Good for Cities: **Carsharing is proven to complement public transit. The City of San Francisco recently announced a partnership with Getaround of unprecedented scale to dedicate nearly 1,000 on-street parking spaces for carshare vehicles via the SFMTA Car Sharing Policy & Pilot Project.

Driving forward together

We are proud  to be teaming up with Ford.

Not only do partnerships like this one enable us to accelerate access to and adoption of carsharing but they’re also smart for society and and the economy. If you can earn $10,000 each year by sharing your car on Getaround, it means your car can literally pay for itself.  It means our friends, family, and neighbors can afford higher quality, next-generation, fuel efficient vehicles.

Carsharing empowers people to earn extra cash while fighting climate change and accelerating the transition to smarter, more sustainable cities.