Being on the ground in our community is vital to Getaround’s vision to be accessible to as many people as possible.
We’ve recently hit up two events – Sunday Streets and Mission Community Market – to give some of our team members a chance to chat with the people of San Francisco.
Getaround Hits the (Sunday) Streets 
Sunday Streets was inspired by the Colombian event “Ciclovía” (literally, “bike path”), which started in 1976. In San Francisco, miles of streets are closed off for one day each month to let pedestrians and bicyclists roam freely while sampling cool activities like yoga and tai chi.

(photo credit to NEN)
We recently joined the Sunday Streets folk in the Mission and did some roaming of our own.  Instead of a booth or table, we walked around chatting it up with the locals while passing out Getaround flyers and coupons.
Between that and munching on some of “the best tacos in the Mission,” we had the divine pleasure of meeting a few of our Getaround members – pets and friends in tow – for the first time. There’s something very refreshing to match real-life faces to the usernames we see in our system. (Shoutout to Angela Prager, one of our car owners –  great seeing you!)

We even ran into the mayor of San Francisco, Edwin Lee! Mayor Lee is known for his passion for making livable, walkable streets in San Francisco. We wasted no time sharing our ideas and soliciting his support to make peer-to-peer car sharing a viable option for everyone.
Mission Community Market 

Another Mission event we love to frequent is the Mission Community Market. This eclectic outdoor market on 22nd and Bartlett occurs every Thursdays from 4-8pm., and our ground team shows up every other week.

The Mission neighborhood is the most popular hotspot for Getaround car owners and renters. Our presence there helps us connect with current owners and renters while making it easy to sign up new members as well.

No Getaround booth would be complete without our prize wheel.  Anyone who joins on the spot can win anything from $25 off a rental to one free hour in our Tesla!

Kids love the prize wheel. This spunky little redhead convinced her grandpa to join Getaround so he could take her and her sister for a spin in the Tesla, which we had on display next to our booth.

Even our summer marketing interns couldn’t resist a photo-op with the shiny red beauty.