The heat and humidity of summer is coming, Ft. Lauderdale. But luckily, so is Getaround. With convenient carsharing available at the touch of an app button, FTL now has the digital keys to unlock and go anywhere, or possibly somewhere with ample shade or air conditioning.

With the arrival of Getaround in Ft. Lauderdale, residents now have better options for their transportation solutions. Rent a car, truck, or van by the hour when you need it, or share your car and offset the high cost of ownership and parking. Getaround enables you to carshare conveniently.

It's always go time with Getaround

Get the car you want at a moment’s notice; a Tesla for a cruise down A1A, or a truck to haul gear to the beach. Renting the perfect vehicle is quick and convenient with Getaround. Just download the app, have your license handy for verification, find your perfect car, rent, unlock, and go. No paperwork, no lines, no membership fees, and no need to exchange keys with vehicle owners—all of our cars unlock with the Getaround app on your phone.

If you own a car and are interested in making money by carsharing with Getaround, Ft. Lauderdale is a match made in tourism heaven! People fly in all winter long in need of a car to drive. List your car with Getaround and earn hundreds of dollars a month instead of just having it sit idle baking in the sun.

Sure, the snowbirds may be flocking back north for the summer, but Getaround is here to stay, Ft. Lauderdale. If you happen to be traveling elsewhere, look out for Getaround, we'll help you get where you're going.

Stay cool, Ft. Lauderdale, and enjoy the ride!  

It's always go time with Getaround.