Getaround guest story: Lordale Benosa in NYC

Dec 2, 2022 2 min read

Hours before a Valentine’s Day first date, Lordale Benosa was having car trouble.

Hours before a Valentine’s Day first date, Lordale Benosa was having car trouble.

“I was in a pinch. I didn’t want to make my first impression picking her up in an Uber or Lyft,” he says.

Lordale recalled a co-worker telling him about carsharing with Getaround. He quickly downloaded the app and was thrilled to see so many cars available nearby. Even better, there was no need to wait for an in-person key exchange – Lordale unlocked the perfect vehicle right from his phone with Getaround Connect®.

“I was able to rent a nice car I liked and pick up my date on time,” Lordale says. “Getaround saved the whole night, basically.”

By day, Lordale is an entrepreneur who works in finance. His free time is dedicated to his creative passions: photography and personal fitness.

“I began photography for fun, just as a hobby,” he explains. “That turned into something I really loved doing, and became my main creative outlet.”

Lordale’s date-saving first experience with Getaround showed him how easy it is to use carsharing as a way to connect with the things that make him happy.

“I spend a lot of my free time and weekends taking pictures now. I travel around different parts of New Jersey looking for what inspires me,” he says. “I usually take photos of everyday life, because that’s what is beautiful to me.”

Lordale knows style is in the details. A Getaround host in his neighborhood shares a fleet of Toyota Corollas, giving him a variety of options for his day-to-day movement. “Depending on my mood, I’ll choose a red on Monday and a blue on Tuesday.”

Photography isn’t Lordale’s only means of creative expression. He also uses Getaround to get to the gym, where he documents the daily grind of his fitness journey, building relationships with like-minded people and creating content along the way.

“Fitness has become a big part of my life,” says Lordale. “I’ve been making fitness content myself and with another creator. My goal is to inspire other people to get to the gym, and maybe find other creators interested in making something with me.”

These connections are made easier thanks to the flexibility of carsharing with Getaround.

Whether he needs transportation to the gym, a photo shoot, or a client meeting, Lordale has reliable access to the right rides for his activities. What started as a last-minute Valentine’s Day relief has grown into an everyday means to achieve for this ambitious creator.

“Getaround allows me to be my true self, because it’s a convenient, budget-friendly way to accomplish all the tasks I want or need to do. It connects me to the things I love.”

(And if you’re wondering: Yes, there was a second date.)

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