Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and the beach all just got a lot more accessible with Getaround's peer-to-peer carsharing service launching in Orange County.

Whether your car is out of service, being borrowed by a family member, or just not big enough for the adventure you have in mind, Getaround has the wheels to get you where you want to go conveniently (we hear good things about Laguna Beach).

And unlike the stress of having to live somewhere with 350+ days of sunshine per year (sigh), Getaround is totally hassle-free with insurance and roadside assistance included on every trip. Renting a car on the Getaround carsharing platform requires no paperwork, lines to stand in, awkward key exchanges, or membership fees.

There’s just you, the car you want, and the not-always-so-wide-open road. Just download our app, have your license handy for verification, find and rent the best car, truck, van, or sports car, and roll out. And yes, there will be convertibles available for the hour, day, or week for all of your sea-breezy, coastal cruising desires.

And, if vehicle owners have a car they don’t always need to drive (ahem, possibly a convertible, like we mentioned before) they can list it on Getaround and start making money by sharing their car with verified drivers in their neighborhood. Instead of a car sitting idly parked in your driveway, it could be sitting in drive on the parkway earning you thousands of dollars per year.

The sun is out, the waves are up, and Getaround is in. It seems like those tacky bumper stickers are right—life truly is a beach.