Getaround has officially landed in the Rocky Mountains! While Denver is known for having some of the best skiing in the world, this city really offers adventure year-round—and renting a local’s car will get you from point A to B no matter the terrain. Yup, our peer-to-peer carsharing platform allows residents to rent out their idle cars to earn some extra cash, while tourists and locals who live car-free can benefit from this ecosystem of shared mobility. The best part? Entry is keyless. Users can search, book, locate, and unlock cars all through the app…so cars are available any time of day, by the hour, day, or week.

If you’re a resident whose car has some time to spare, or you have an extra “mountain” car, you can make thousands of dollars per year putting those wheels to work.

For our adventurers planning a weekend in Breck, a flyfishing trip to Ned, or a hiking expedition in Chautauqua, grab a Getaround car nearby and hit the road!

What’s carsharing?

Peer-to-peer carsharing is a car rental model in which a local owner allows neighbors or travelers to pay them for use of their personal vehicle. On Getaround, bookings can be short-term, lasting only hours, or made in blocks of time that span days.

For car owners, peer-to-peer carsharing introduces a unique financial benefit—it creates the opportunity to monetize your ride, offsetting the cost of car ownership with little effort. Now your car can start earning its keep! And this is only one benefit of car sharing; there are a few more big ones worth mentioning....

The benefits of carsharing

A series of independent studies by the University of California Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center shows that every shared car takes about 10 cars off the road. Imagine how much traffic’ll ease up once carsharing really takes Denver by storm. But wait, it gets better. The center also says that 1,000 shared cars can offset up to 50 million pounds of carbon dioxide—one of the main greenhouse gasses causing climate change. Carsharing is better for traffic, better for smog, and better for you.

Another major benefit of peer-to-peer carsharing is the local economic growth it creates. Getaround empowers local car owners like students, artists, and families to earn money and save up, and renters can feel good about putting their money back into the community.

How to Carshare with Getaround

Simply download the Getaround iOS or Android app for free, then browse hundreds of cars shared by your neighbors. Could be an SUV for camping trips, a pick-up truck for a quick furniture move, or just whatever will get you to the airport and back. Getaround puts a variety of cars right at your fingertips.

A valid driver’s license is all you need to get out on the open road—there are no membership fees or access cards, no lines at the rental counter, and no paperwork. Our $1M insurance policy and 24/7 roadside assistance are included with every trip, so you’re always safe.

Where to go this weekend in Denver

Here’s our list of the best places to find fun and adventure near Denver:

  • Looking for some fresh powder? Hop on I-70 and head for Breckenridge (80 miles west), Vail (100 miles west) or Aspen (200 miles west). If you’re a real snow junkie, you could hit all three!
  • Spend a day or two exploring Chautauqua Park in Boulder, which is only 30 minutes from Denver. Choose from a number of Chautauqua trails to hike, and be sure to trek to the stunning Royal Arch.
  • Grab tickets and see a band—any band—at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This epic venue will make for an unforgettable concert experience. Its incredible views are half the show.
  • Spend a few days backcountry camping in Estes Park, a 65-mile drive from Denver, and a homebase to Rocky Mountain National Park, where there are miles of trails winding through tundra and forest. All you wildlife photogs will have a heyday.

So get ready, grab a car… go!

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