Traditional date night custom suggests that one should proffer a ride for their love interest on the occasion of a romantic evening. It’s an act of good faith that goes a long way to express an intention to impress or provide for the significant other, and also, that you care about their comfort.

If you’re taking your romantic interest out for a night on the town (like, say on Valentine's Day) you’ll probably want to step up your game a bit. We recommend you find a good restaurant (make a reservation), put on some nice clothes (hopefully ironed), and have a great time. But don't spoil a nice evening with a mediocre mode of transportation—retaining the romance on a city bus is challenging.

This Valentine’s day, find the right ride for your romantic rendezvous on Getaround where you’ll have great options for transporting you and your date in style. Consider a well appointed luxury car to present yourself as a put-together professional, a comfy convertible perfect for stargazing, or even a sports car to get you home quick and off to the races.

Revel in the romance knowing that your short term carshare rental has 24/7 customer service and roadside assistance included on every trip (if, for instance, cupid’s arrow were to miss its target and puncture your tire). Also, flexible hourly rentals means you can wine and dine on your own time without having to adhere to rental counter business hours. And when you save with convenient carsharing by the hour, day, or week, you’ll have more money left over for that fancy box of chocolates, bouquet of flowers, or even Bínaca for any hot breath situations.

If it’s your first date, Getaround has all the tools to make the right impression. Want to be seen as safe and reliable? Pick your date up in a European sedan. Flashy and athletic? Get a sports car that’ll turn heads as you turn corners. Sensible and practical? Book a coupe or economy car. Eco-conscious or futuristic? Opt for an electric vehicle or a Tesla to make a shocking first impression.

You’ll fall in love with Getaround when you recognize the many benefits of carsharing for special occasions. Or, if you have a love bug or a red Corvette sitting around, share it on Getaround today and start earning effortlessly. Carsharing + Getaround + You is a love triangle that’s really going somewhere.