Getaround announces carsharing partnership with Toyota

Oct 31, 2016 1 min read

Our mission is to empower people to carshare everywhere. By redefining car ownership, we believe that we can make our cities more affordable, accessible, and sustainable.

Today we move one step closer to achieving our mission. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Toyota, the world’s largest automaker. Together, we will work to expand the reach of carsharing both at home in San Francisco and in cities across the United States.

Connected cars for the future

As partners and pioneers in urban mobility, Getaround and Toyota will leverage our combined technological expertise to create an even more seamless carsharing experience. By integrating our respective connected car technologies, members of Getaround will be able to securely access, start, and drive new Toyota vehicles without ever needing to use a physical car key.

Paid by Getaround earnings

Toyota will also develop a new financial product to make sharing Toyota vehicles even easier. This new offering will recognize revenue earned from sharing Toyota or Lexus vehicles on Getaround as a payment method. For the first time ever, new Toyota customers will be able to make their monthly lease payments directly through their monthly Getaround earnings.

Strategic Investment

As part of our strategic partnership, Toyota has invested in Getaround through the Mirai Creation Investment Limited Partnership. The investment reflects Toyota’s broader commitment to encouraging innovation and to supporting the spread of advanced technologies for future generations.

Our partnership with Toyota speaks to our enduring commitment to the economic, social, and environmental vitality of our cities. Toyota vehicles are among the most popular on Getaround, in large part, due the automaker’s focus on high-quality, fuel-efficient vehicles. Together, we’re taking more cars off the road and maximizing the positive impact carsharing has on curbing CO2 emission and traffic congestion.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Toyota on this big next step in the future of transportation. The future is shared, connected, and sustainable.

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