Fourth of July has come and gone, so how do we celebrate summertime in America now that our Uncle Sam outfit and stilts are packed away? Perhaps by getting behind the wheel of some good old-fashioned American horsepower. Giddy up!

You're bound to turn heads showing up to the summertime function in an American-made muscle car from the Getaround app. These slices of pure unadulterated Americana are more than just fun to drive, they're classic crowd pleasers.

Dodge Challenger

Let freeway freedom ring straight out of your dual-exhaust pipes in this 2019 Dodge Challenger, available on Getaround and ready to prowl the highways and byways of LA. You'll receive bonus summer style points on the premium Nappa ruby red leather interior (and no, that color will obviously not run).

Chevy Camaro

Or you could enjoy the balmy summer temps cruising at highway speeds in a droptop convertible. If you're going for a strong first impression, everyone looks better with windswept hair, so consider this 2018 Chevy Camaro Convertible available in San Diego. With a wide variety of convertibles available on the Getaround app you can breeze about town and "pull up to the scene with the ceiling missing," as the kids say these days.

Tesla Model S / Tesla Model X

The latest addition to the American sports car scene offers an electric alternative to classic internal combustion horsepower. Tesla represents a new age in American ingenuity delivering electric dual-motor technology and maximum torque with impressive 0-60 quickness. The electric Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X are known to provide a shocking driving experience.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

And finally, the tough and mighty Jeep. An icon of American vehicular capability, the Jeep was invented for American soldiers in WWII and has negotiated the most unfriendly terrains. Rent this gnarly Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in Denver with the Getaround app when you're ready for your next mountain expedition.

Thanks to convenient carsharing on Getaround, it's never been easier to switch up your ride to match the weather, the destination, or your attitude. Maximize your summertime enjoyment with a perfectly paired vehicle from Getaround. It's go time!

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