If you’re one of the nearly 50 million Americans hitting the road this Thanksgiving, make sure you've reserved the right car for the journey.

AAA's latest Thanksgiving travel forecast predicts the highest number of road-trippers since 2005 and a nearly 3% increase over last season. With more cars on the road and inclement conditions in many parts of the country, you'll want a suitable ride for your holiday travel plans.

Thankfully, Getaround has plenty of options available – from rugged Jeeps and SUVs to compact Mini Coopers. With peak traffic on the nation's motorways expected this holiday season, make sure you're traveling in a comfortable vehicle—you'll be especially thankful if you wind up in gridlock. Or, if you're planning a lengthy road trip, protect yourself against high seasonal gas prices by selecting an eco-friendly hybrid or electric for your trip.

Whether you're headed to the other side of town or all the way across the state, you can book your best Thanksgiving ride today at get.co/search.