We know you’re a safe driver, but we can’t account for everyone else on the road. That’s why we’ve always provided insurance coverage for every trip at no additional cost to you. Today, we’re excited to announce two more options for added protection and peace of mind during your Getaround trips.

Renters can now select from our Premium, Plus, and Standard Protection plans for most Getaround trips. For a few bucks up-front, renters can dramatically reduce their potential out-of-pocket costs in the event of an unfortunate incident. At this time, Plus and Premium Protection Plans are not available for bookings originating in Massachusetts

Premium Protection

  • When you want complete peace of mind during your trip. Our Premium protection plan reduces your potential out-of-pocket costs for damage to zero. Rear-ended? No worries—Premium Protection has you covered.

Plus Protection

  • With Plus Protection, your potential out-of-pocket costs for damage or loss are limited to just $250.

Standard Protection

  • Our Standard level of protection will continue to be automatically included with every trip at no extra cost. With this option selected, you may be liable for an out-of-pocket fee of up to $3000 for damage or loss.

You’ll be able to select one of these options as you confirm your reservation in the Getaround app for all eligible bookings:

Here’s how your selected plan will look at checkout:

With these new Protection Plans, you can now carshare confidently knowing Getaround has you covered. We’re glad you’re part of our carsharing community—here’s to many safe trips ahead!

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