Five tips for a great Getaround trip!

Finding and booking a car near you is easy with Getaround! Now, are you ready for a great trip?

Five tips for a great Getaround trip!

Finding and booking a car near you is easy with Getaround! Now, are you ready for a great trip? We compiled five tips that will help you make the most of your Getaround experience. Whether you’re just headed across town, or taking a road trip, these tips will help make your trip 5-star great!

Take clear pre-trip car inspection photos

You’ve located your car, now what? It’s very important to complete a walk-around inspection of the car and to take crisp, clear photos. This ensures that you won’t be held responsible for any damages that happened before your trip.

Once you take exterior photos of the car from four angles, you’ll be prompted to unlock the car, and then asked to document any odor/safety/interior damage issues. (Make sure you've taken a photo of the fuel gauge as a part of your pre-trip inspection as well. You will be prompted for this when you click to begin and end your trip.)

Note gas stations or EV chargers in the area

Before you go, keep in mind that you must replace any fuel (or charge) you used during the trip. You can use the photo you took of the fuel gauge to remind you what the fuel level read at the beginning of your trip.

We recommend that you take note of the gas stations (or EV chargers) in the area before you leave on your trip, so that you can easily find one before you park and end your trip.

When booking your trip, remember that it helps to allocate a cushion of 15 minutes at the end to refill gas, or longer if you're sharing an Electric Vehicle (EV).

Know your end-of-trip parking perimeters

As a reminder, Getaround cars are only for round-trips, not one-way trips. If your car was street-parked, when you’re ending your trip, look for the purple circle zone on the Getaround app. This designates a quarter mile radius around the car’s home location where you can park.

Make sure to note street parking regulations, as you’ll be held responsible for any citations or towing fees. The car should be street parked in a location that is safe for parking up to 24 hours after your trip ends.

Return cars with a designated parking spot or garage to the same spot where you picked it up.

What to do if you'd like to extend your trip

Looking to request more time with your car? You may have the option to extend your trip in the app while your trip reservation is still underway. If you don’t see the option to extend in the app, there’s likely a booking or block on the car immediately after you. Don’t worry — you can call our Customer Support team through the app to help sort out your options. But, please remember, this must happen before your trip reservation end time.

Because returning a car late can affect other guests in our car sharing community, if you’re late returning the car without having contacted support or extending, you’ll be subjected to a $50/hr late fee, potentially affecting your guest ratings.

Make sure you take all of your items

You’d be surprised at how many headphones our hosts find in their cars! Please check that you’ve gathered all of your belongings before ending your trip.

Please leave the car as you found it (or better). In addition to headphones, please don’t leave any trash, excessive dirt, or pet hair in the car when you return it.

And now, have a great trip!

Here's to making the most of your Getaround guest experience! Now you're ready to get going!