Festive holiday day trips for warm-weather dwellers

These next few weeks provide a window for festive in-town excursions or day trips to the snowy mountain.

Festive holiday day trips for warm-weather dwellers

If you're originally from a northern or Midwestern state but now bask in the balmy climes of Florida or California, you know how tough it can be to get into the holiday spirit with no snow in sight. These next few weeks provide a window for festive in-town excursions or day trips to the snowy mountains, so we've put together a list of destinations worthy of a trip from Los Angeles, Miami, and the Bay Area.

So pick a spot, search for a ride, and queue up the holiday playlist that is totally not Mariah Carey on repeat. For those who can't wait to plan their route, there's a map with each of these locations pinned at the bottom of this post.

From Los Angeles

(via Greater Palm Springs)

Say goodbye to sandy beaches and gridlocked traffic and reacquaint yourself with some serene winter settings just a few hours outside the heart of L.A.

For these longer drives far away from L.A. traffic, we recommend searching for an economy ride.

In Miami

(via Bayfront Park Miami)

You won't find snow-capped mountains or iced-over lakes within driving distance of South Beach, but there are still plenty of ways to Getaround to some December decorations.

We recommend searching for a drop-top convertible to allow for maximum enjoyment of the balmy December weather and the best views of the city holiday lights.

From the San Francisco Bay Area

Nevada City Victorian Christmas (via Faye White)

These historic and charming mountain towns each embrace the holidays, and all are within a day's drive from the Bay Area. Layer up!

  • There are plenty of winter wonderland resorts at Lake Tahoe, including Squaw Valley, Sierra at Tahoe, Boreal Mountain Resort and more.
  • Slide down the slopes further south at the family-friendly Mammoth Mountain.
  • At the Victorian Christmas event in Nevada City (above), costumed carolers provide the soundtrack as local vendors sell hand-made wares and home-cooked holiday treats.
  • Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice skating are just a few wintry possibilities at Yosemite Valley.

SUVs and Jeeps are best-suited for the climb from the Bay Area to these festive mountain towns.

Click the arrow in the top left corner of the map to reveal separate layers for LA, SF, and Miami.

(Header image via  Joe Daniel Price / Getty Images )