The weather is warming up. The kids are out (or almost out) of school. And it’s Father’s Day across America. What better way to celebrate Dad than making him drive for an extended period of time while everyone else either sleeps, reads, or listens to their own music? It’s road trip time!

But before you find the right vehicle, gas it up, pack your snacks, and arm yourself with playlists your kids will complain about, you’ll want to read the Getaround Dads’ Guide to Road Tripping.

The Destination

So, where should you go? How far is too far? Is a 5-mile drive considered a road trip if it takes you 5 hours to get ready, pack the car, load the kids in, drive and park? All great questions.

We believe the right destination is somewhere between slightly-too-far-for-a-daytrip and “man, we probably should’ve just flown here.” That could mean 100 miles. That could mean 3-days across 5 states. You know your family. You’ll know what feels right. But, we will say, if there’s a National Park somewhere in that window, go. They will never not be incredible.

The Prep

A dad’s principle role is to remind people, namely his family members, to get their oil changed. Now would be a great time to take your own advice. If you have a car, or a truck, or an RV, get it checked out. Change. Fill. Tighten. Get it all ready to go. And, if you’re hesitant at all to make a trip in what you’ve got (maybe it’s too old, too new, too small, too creaky, too finicky) we’ve got you covered 😉. Pro-tip: Driving a borrowed vehicle can feel like sleeping in a freshly-made hotel bed.

The Road

So, the bags are strategically packed based on a combination of importance and accessibility. Snacks, covering each of the major food groups including healthy, salty, gummy, and chocolate, have been purchased. Coffee (for the adults) and enough liquid to ward off thirst, but not enough to induce every-half-hour bathrooms breaks (for the kids) are in their cupholders. Now is when the fun begins. Because a Father’s Day Road Trip isn’t about the destination, but the journey.

Specifically, the Father’s journey. No matter if you’re in the driver’s seat or the passenger side, your role on the road is vital. And as a dad, there are a few mandatories.

  1. The radio is the thermostat of the car. It is your domain. You’re in control. And if that means classic rock, old school hip hop, and late-80’s/early 90’s pop bangers, that is entirely your decision.
  2. If you see an out-of-state license plate, you’re legally obligated to mention it aloud to the rest of the car. Yes, every time.
  3. Same goes for funny or odd billboards. Don’t forget to mention those.
  4. As George Carlin so beautifully put it: “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” It’s up to you to point these people out as well.
  5. Enjoy it. Tell short dad jokes. Tell long dad jokes. Tell poignant stories your kids won’t ever forget. Tell long, roundabout, easily-forgettable stories with no point or punchline. Remember, this is your day, Dad.

Happy Father’s Day (and happy road tripping) from the Getaround family to yours!